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Hello to all Dragons in our community!
After only 1 month since the opening of our network, we are pleased to announce that today is the evolution of ROYAL DRAGON TRADERS.
Be ready for Change, Diversity, Additions and MUCH MORE great developments coming your way as a Dragon Member.
Above all, we would like to thank all our teams from all over the world, who have worked so hard to ensure that everything was 
made ready in record time, as well as all the members who have joined us.
Through this letter we wish to inform you about the improvements that will take effect in the next few weeks in the Royal Dragon Traders program.
Royal Plus Account
Starting from August 1st onwards, obviously with focus on maintaining and sustaining the company and respecting its commitments to our customers and members, we will create for each of you a ROYAL PLUS account.
What does this mean for you?
It means that from this date you will receive daily 70% of your ‘daily’ commissions in your wallets, and 30% will be sent to your new ROYAL PLUS account.
With your new ROYAL PLUS account, you will have the opportunity to generate more income by:
1. You can personally create a trading account with our official trading partner, and thus trade in gold, oil and gas, and other commodities.
2. Your 30% daily commissions will be paid directly into this trading account, enabling you to trade directly without any delays.
3. The opening of this personal trading account will incur a fee of 200€ per person, but after many negotiations and successful agreement with our partner, this amount will now be refunded to your trading account immediately after opening of same.
4. You will have direct access to the trading platform, and you will be able to monitor the evolution of your trading and monitor your trades.
"From August 1st onwards we will create for each of you a ROYAL PLUS account."
Mining Packs
During the first two weeks in August commencing August 1 through to August 15 we will be launching new MINING packs.
We believe in diversifying the investment options on our platform, so we will now are offer you new, official MINING packs. So be ready to diversify your products.
These MINING packs will allow you to mine Ethereums, thereby increasing your possibilities  to improve your profitability considerably.
Ethereum Packs
September 1st we will launch our new ETHEREUM packs. To diversify the investment possibilities on our platform, we are going to offer another official crypto currency, recognized in the public crypto indices and markets.
With these ETHEREUM packs, we will create a second binary system, based solely on the ETHEREUM, with the same remuneration and qualifications plan that exists for bitcoins.
"September 1st we will launch our new ETHEREUM packs"
First Challenge Qualifications
Now for the part you all have been waiting for starting from August 1st, we are launching the first Challenge of Qualifications.
 READY... SET... GO...
The first 15 members reaching the highest positions will be invited “all-expenses-paid” (Airfare + Hotel + Entertainment) to meet the Founders, the CEO and the Master Distributor during a 4-day VIP seminar in Dubai. This seminar will allow total transparency with and for our 15 best members, and will also allow us to provide unforgettable moments together.
The Challenge ends on August 31, 2017.
The Company
We believe in TRANSPARENCY, CREATIVITY and RESPECT, we are a dynamic group of individuals who have many years of experience in the world of networking and marketing online. Our team consists of very successful leaders in the market and we have built and developed international teams for many companies world wide.
The decision to develop our own company was bound to happen given all our expertise in different areas. We want to create a legacy filled with our vision TRANSPARENCY, CREATIVITY and RESPECT. We are creating a concept based on reliability, sustainability and a company mainly focused on members and not just profits being made. We strongly agree that profits come naturally if the business is reliable!
We trust in our Dragons and we want you to trust in us!
After Imagine just a few weeks since launching Royal Dragon Trading, you're already over 8,000 +.
But it all starts now, starting with YOUR future! Never forget that ROYAL DRAGON TRADERS is a company made and developed BY networkers FOR networkers! We wish you all huge progress and assure you that we will do our utmost to ensure the success of our members!
Royally yours,
"TRANSPARENCY, CREATIVITY and RESPECT will always be OUR Core Values"

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